Revert Pickleball Guest-Membership Program

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Dear fellow Homeowners of Lake Forest II,

To introduce ourselves, we are longtime members of the HOA Lake Forest II and are using this way to make you aware of an issue we recently discovered at our Sun & Sail club.

In short, our HOA is selling membership cards for $30 a month to non-LF2-members to enter our Sun & Sail club and play pickleball. These guest-membership cards are even offered with a discount when purchased for 6 months - for a monthly price of $25.

No sponsoring member has to be present upon entry to our club during open play hours, as long as there is one member on the court.

These guests are supposed to only use the pickleball courts, but their whereabouts cannot be controlled once inside the club.

The pickleball community claims to need more courts because their existing 8 courts, which were converted from tennis courts about 2 years ago, are now supposedly overcrowded.

However, any waiting time to play pickleball is due to this guest-membership program that is unique to pickleball. What if one would introduce such a program for basketball or Volleyball, the gym, or the pools?

Now pickleball wants to convert additional tennis courts to pickleball courts for the benefit of non-members and at the expense of the HOA as a whole. Estimation for the conversion project is projected at $ 50,000. Not to mention, this will continue the dilution of our membership privileges and overcrowding of the parking lot.

There is a big question about the insurance risk this pickleball guest-membership program poses to our HOA as well.

Since we are selling membership cards to non-members, our HOA might not be considered a non-profit organization anymore. That could open a huge liability risk for all of us homeowners, in case of a lawsuit.

In addition, the Sun & Sail Club would have to meet the requirements of the American Disability Act and big upgrades of our facilities would need to happen.

The Sun & Sail Club is for us homeowners and their guests, not the general public.

We are therefore putting a motion on the floor of the board of directors to revert the unique pickleball guest-membership program back to the standard guest policy that is valid for all of us.

We need your support for this motion.

We kindly ask you, homeowner of the HOA Lake Forest II, to file your name and digital signature in support of this motion to the board of directors.

Thank you very much for your support!

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