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Reverse the Nerfs Applied to Moon King!

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Moon king used to be a movement speed buff that granted a speed bonus of fifty for three minutes. However, this has now been nerfed to a speed bonus of 20 for a single minute. While in the past, one could say that moon king was rather over powered due to the fact that players could get incredible amounts of speed by combining this buff with rapid storm, there is now a speed cap, which renders this point in valid.

When players are not able to use moon king, they are snowballed very easily after death, as they must wait for rapid storm to cool down in the scenario that they used a regular revive. Players who find themselves in such a situation will often die repeatedly, because they are unable to get away from the monsters that killed them with base speed. Furthermore, since all of their skills are on cool down, they are unable to retaliate. All they can do is pray that they are able to guard successfully, which is often difficult due to ping related issues. Japanese players in such a situation would be able to use the moon king alcohol to escape, as they would gain enough speed to out run the monsters that are after them. Unfortunately, on the American server, we do not have such an option, which leads to many player's being frustrated, and forcing them to party up so that they can find someone to provide them with speed buffs. The issue here is that, this does not encourage party play; it forces it. It's almost impossible to solo, as once you die without a speed buff, you're completely screwed.

Finally, moon king is a noob-friendly alcohol. It encourages many newer players to stick around as they are able to obtain a movement speed buff without buying an ougi. This makes the game seem much less pay to win, which is very encouraging for lower leveled and more casual players. This is especially appealing to players who do not want to deal with the frustration known as walking across Sekiagahara. While it's true that rift portals offer some degree of convenience, many lowered leveled players would not be aware of how they should use these portals. However, something like moon king would most likely spread via word of mouth - just like it had during this game's testing phases.

Players simply get snowballed too hard without moon king, and speed is now capped in the first place, nullifying any reason to have moon king changed to its current state. Restoring this alcohol would even assist with player retention. Based on the reasons above, we believe that moon king should be re-instated as a 3 minute buff that increases movement speed by 50.


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