Returning Manufacturing Jobs to the U.S.

Robert Nami
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Join the campaign to urge our elected representatives change anti manufacturing laws to manufacturing friendly. In 1975 the % of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. was 27. By 1985 it was reduced to 22% and 20 years later it had dwindled to 11%. Today, manufacturing jobs constitute about 10% of all jobs in the U.S. Majority of low end manufacturing jobs were turned into "Wal Mart" type service jobs. Its not that workers won't work for $8.50 an hour with benefits because they are working for $7.50 or less an hour at Wal Mart and Target for no benefits and little or no chance of career advancement. Not very smart laws written or sponsored by clueless politicians who can be bought with as little $10,000 as well as emphasis on short term business planning forced on companies by Wall Street has caused low, medium and high tech manufacturing jobs to be shipped out of the U.S. A realistic overhaul of workman's comp laws, OSHA and AQMD requirement and tax incentives can bring 3+ million jobs back to the U.S.A. within a decade. We have enough Realtors, loan brokers, eBay junk sellers and Wal Mart workers in our country. Its time we created some real jobs that contribute something real (export $) to the economy.





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