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Return Ushers at Petco Park to 2012 Assigned Areas

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We, the loyal fans of the Padres Baseball Team, wish to express our unhappiness with the decision to move ushers from their 2012 assigned areas to new ones in the 2013 season. Part of our Padres experience is not only coming to see our last place Padres play baseball, but for the camaraderie and friendship that has developed over the years with our usher, Lenny. Not having him there is a definite detriment to our overall experience. There is very little crowd control, people sit where they please,and Padres baseball is no longer enjoyable. On the other hand,when Lenny was there he did a fantastic job of crowd control and dealing with people. All was well then; All is not well now. AS YOU SIGN THIS PETITION, PLEASE COMMENT IN THE SPACE PROVIDED, IF YOU WISH.


Nettie Addona





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