Return an Animal under Police Property Act

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When a person with family including an animal was

unlawful arrested and were in Prison , via mistaken Id , and proven innocent

surely the Family should be restored , the child and the

animal should be returned with immediately effect ,

thought the animal was removed under criminal evidence act ,

surely when mistaken it is no evidence ,no case ,no charge

to the Person who was unlawful arrested

therefor under 1987 Police Property Act ,

this animal should be return to owner immediately ,

same with Child when removed under suspected extraction case via a name not belonging to family ,

no new case should be added by Authority who support a case

created by Judges who takes bribes ,

All cases against the mistaken Person and family should of be DISMISSED

to restore under HUMAN RIGHTS 8 Family peace ,

and stop to interfere , or to deprive of such motion towards Child and Mother ,

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One Judge involved is already looked at ...


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