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Retroactive Legislative Changes for Amanda

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On July 13th 2020 my car was t-boned on the passenger side by a police officer who was responding to an emergency call in Watford City, North Dakota. The officer was driving at approximately 60 miles per hour through a Red light. The officer decided to Ignore repeated requests by his peers to Slow Down. Despite being told that he was coming up to a blind intersection and that I was There. Despite him having a red light and I having a green light. Due to injuries I sustained, I was taken to Watford City’s emergency department (ED) to be assessed and treated by staff I am beyond grateful were present. The CT scan that evening showed a moderate left frontotemporal subarachnoid hemorrhage, a small left frontal subdural hematoma, and a probable tiny right parietal subdural hematoma. I suffered a traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less. I was diagnosed with diffuse axonal brain injury and cognitive and neurobehavioral dysfunction. I became a statistic in a matter of seconds. I spent almost one month in the hospital and have (and will continue to require) been ordered speech and occupational therapies. That is a Very brief summary. This will be my Life for the next, at minimum, few Years. Despite providing my personal in-person testimony on January 7, 2021 to North Dakota House legislative members and proving the need for Code changes, I am Not being granted retroactive benefits. $250,000 (or even the new “cap” of $500,000 due to my personal testimony) will not help me to fully recover from this accident. However, being granted retroactive action of even $350,000 would be better than what I am currently seeing. Attorney fees are deducted first (33.3%—$83,250) followed by reimbursement of my health insurance company, United Healthcare. United Healthcare is requesting $200,000 Alone to be reimbursed to them. In the end, I, the patient, will not be made “whole” and am not benefiting due to how North Dakota’s laws are written. Attorneys and insurance companies benefit instead. Why am I not protected by our laws? Why am I still not able to be fully reimbursed or made whole by the state? Why do I still owe $160,000 in student loans I may never be able to pay back? I may never be able to work as a nurse practitioner again due to the severity of the injuries I sustained due to a police officer’s gross negligence. I. Did. Nothing. Wrong. Yet, I’m the one with permanent disabilities and an unknown future. I have been ignored by our laws. I will see Nothing. My family will see Nothing. I have been told my constitutional rights are not being violated. I got a glimpse of being a nurse practitioner for 2.5 months before an officer decided to change my life. Please share this petition with your family and friends in support of retroactive measures in my case. I will present this signed petition to North Dakota legislative members to fight my case. Thank you!

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