Rethink - Final Fantasy All The Bravest

Joe Cochrane
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We, the fans of the final fantasy series, petition that Square Enix improves Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Reasons behind the petition - This game is supposed to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy by congratulating fans of their dedication but instead insults them through lack of thought and sheer greed. Points to improve upon: Lowering the price at which the game and 'in app purchases' currently stands at, will not only make fans happier but ultimately bring in greater revenues for Square Enix. As at it's current total price of £34.11 not including costs of reviving your party, is genuinely unaffordable. Adding a discernible plot to the game. Making the characters more customisable, e.g players are able to equip various items and spells to each character. Rethink the game's battle system rather than just simple tedious swiping and tapping, e.g Customisable battle tactics and characters attacking in parties. Get rid of the pay to revive option as this completely puts off fans buying the game and just shows sheer greed. Lower the waiting time to revive full party or discard all together. Expand the game's playing time, as given the ridiculous price the game provides very little overall time. Allow players to use gil as in game currency.