Opinion on retail establishments that sell firearms in Branford CT

Raymond Ingraham
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We, Ray Ingraham (R)  and Adam Hansen (D), representatives of the Town Meeting of Branford are aware of discussions among many citizens on the placement of retail firearm sales in town. 

We would like to gather your opinions on the subject. This compilation of thoughts, suggestions and concerns will allow us to better understand citizens views.

We the undersigned have a opinion on the placement of establishments that sell Fire arms in Branford CT. 

Please keep all comments civil. All comments deemed inappropriate will be taken down from site. This is a very important conversation to us as Representatives. We are taking this effort with the utmost sincerity, we ask all to do the same.

Representative Adam J. Hansen D-4

Representative Ray Ingraham R-5

Note ipetitions may ask for a contribution to their site. They allow free usage your opinion is recorded no matter if you make a contribution. If you get that screen and do not want to make contribution simply close the screen.




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