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Ressurrect Project Pay 2 Play (PP2P)

4 Signatures Goal: 100

This petition has been formed to target specific RSC players who find the idea of RSCE being the only Runescape Classic Private Server available(Excluding small under-funded Servers). I feel that RSC is dying BECAUSE we players feel trapped, Or FORCED even, Into playing the only server we are sick of. If you are banned on RSCE, Where will you go? How will you play RSC? I URGE YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION, WHICH WILL BE SUBMITTED TO MATT(the owner of PP2P), Once it reaches a significant length, It just may be enough to bring back a great server that should have never left!

All we will need to do Is stick together! BRING BACK PP2P!!!!!





  • 7 years ago
    vsl Sweden
    7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    Erik United States
    7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    choobpkinpmp United States
    7 years ago

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