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Life's Good. Or is it

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Are you making as much money as you should be If you've been pondering this question, you're not alone. A 2006 survey by staffing services company Randstad USA and Harris Interactive found that 39 percent of employees surveyed believe their salary is lower than market rates, up from 28 percent surveyed in 2005. Meanwhile, 50 percent of employers think the salaries they offer are on par with the marketplace, up from 42 percent in 2005. "It's no surprise that inadequate compensation leads the list of factors that make employees want to leave a current position." said's senior vice president, Bill Coleman. "This disconnect could lead organizations to focus on the wrong issues and as a result, experience high employee turnover and replacement costs." -unknown Several resources let you see how your pay stacks up. For example; according to the most known web site for salary ranges,, Level 1 customer service representatives in Stuart, Virginia, are ranged between $22,902 (smaller companies such as Results, Stuart) and $36,795. More websites include but are not limited to; * level 1 customer service representatives in Stuart, Virginia, are calculated between $20,000 and 32,000 * salary ranges are between $25,580 and 32,850. Also for Stuart, Virginia. How much should we be making on our paychecks A calculation based on under the 10th percintile (which is small companies)under single status with no exemptions is as follows; Annual gross pay 22,902.60 Gross pay $1,908.55/monthly $880.87/bi-weekly $22.03 fed withhold $102.48/bi-weekly $118.33 social sec $54.61/bi-weekly $27.67 medicare $12.77/bi-weekly $74.00 Virginia tax $34.00/bi weekly Net pay= 1,466.52/monthly $667.01 bi weekly Now lets talk solutions. We only have 34 employees and we understand that we are a growning company here at Results, Stuart (LG). We are not asking for a huge raise. Currently we are making $7.50 an hour with a 50 cent bonus if we meet required critera for the pay period. We not only feel we are underpaid, we are backed by many pay ranges from different resources. We ask for a raise of 75 cents. $8.25 plus a 50 cent raise if we meet the required critera. Most of the employees here will be gone in an estimated 3 months only because of pay issues. We want to prosper in the company we are in and we will make this a better place to work, higher morale, lower turn-over rate, and self deciplined employess are only a few of the things that will happen as a result of a pay raise. "We are not getting paid enough to do the amount of work, and the hours that we do." -anonomous Employees: If you want this pay raise, or you agree to support the standard that is being set by this petition, please sign below. Petition Created By Latoya Freeman CSR LG


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