Restrict Languages in DOTA 2

James Gildea
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Dota 2 is a game which heavily relies on communication. Despite the game having multiple servers across the world, nonenglish speaking players are a common commodity on the servers of countries where English is the primary language.

When one or two players cannot communicate, games usually go awry very quickly, when a simple command cannot be understood, or when a warning cannot be heeded, the game is often very easily lost.

This is a petition to persuade Valve to do some of the following.
-Region lock servers, or provide exclusive servers which are region locked to a country.
-Make players do a simple language test, something that would require a second grade knowledge of a given language, to be able to que in a server. Give this test every month or so to weed out players who speak a different language.
-Create a report option to report players who do not speak the correct language on a given server.



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