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Our organization is at a crossroads.

Over 40 years ago, nine visionary and courageous men sacrificed their careers and their futures to start NABA (National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.). They knew that NABA was needed to ensure there was a viable pipeline of talented minorities in accounting and finance.

Though NABA has changed since its founding in 1969, we've remained committed to our mission and until recently, we've been able to count on strong leadership to carry the torch. The recent proposed bylaw changes are indicative of the current Board's lack of understanding of our governing documents and our organization, poor leadership and poor communication. 

The current National President has repeatedly proven that he is an inept leader and continues to make decisions that jeopardize NABA's future including, but not limited to:

1) Unauthorized contract discussions and execution;

2) Financial mismanagement;
3) Poor communication with fellow Board members, Chapter Presidents and other NABA leaders;

4) Blatant misrepresentation of information required for the Board to make prudent business and personnel decisions.

The Board has had multiple opportunities to make the National President change his behavior, however they have been unwilling to hold him accountable for his actions. Therefore, any  changes that NABA needs to go forward must come from the membership.  Our governing documents afford the membership the right to remove ineffective Board members from office. To truly start the transformation of NABA, we must demand a change in leadership.

In accordance with Article VI - Board of Directors; Section 6.8 - Resignation, Removal and Vacancies:

6.8.3 - A member of the Board may be removed by a vote of twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership, that elected the Board member, at the time the vote is taken. In the case of outside Directors, the Board of Directors upon majority vote can only remove them.

By signing this petition, you are invoking your right as a member to remove the current National President, CALVIN HARRIS, JR., CPA, from office.

Please include your name, Chapter and member number.

We cannot afford to waste any more time, so please SIGN today so that we can RESTORE NABA.




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