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PM Harper: Restore Canada's Diplomatic Relations with Iran

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Open Letter to Canadian Prime Minister over the Unjustified Closure of Iranian Embassy:

September 8, 2012
Email: pm@pm.gc.ca
NY Canadian Consulate: 212-596-1625 and Ottawa 1-800-387-3124

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

We the undersigned wish to express our strong objection to the unilateral decision by your government to shut down the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the ground of flimsiest excuses that cannot possibly be convincing to anyone save a few warmongers in Israel and the West.

Your decision is a direct insult to the leaders of 120 nations whose representatives participated in the recent summit of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Tehran and unanimously chose Iran as the movement's Chairman for the next three years. You have made a grave error by labeling Iran as the "the greatest threat to international peace and security." Iran has not invaded any nation in the past two centuries, and unlike Canada, has no troops on foreign soil and has called for regional initiatives to bring poliitcal dialogue in the conflicted Syria.

Sir, you are well-aware that Canadian military forces have participated in the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, and recently in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no doubt your government has isolated itself in the international community by choosing to sever diplomatic relations with another nation, which has not threatened it or its interests in any way, and which enjoys the solid support of a bulk of the international community for its peaceful nuclear program and, unlike the state of Israel, has fully supported the idea of a Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone. We concur with John Mundy, former Canadian ambassador to Iran, that breaking off relations is a strategic mistake at this time.

Furthermore, your government's extreme and highly prejudicial decision has introduced serious hardship for tens of thousands of Iranians living in Canada, who require the counselor services of an Iranian embassy. We regret that your government in making this unfortunate decision has not cared the least about the adverse impact on the estimated 150,000 or more Iranians living in Canada.

Therefore, we strongly urge you to reconsider this decision and take the necessary remedial steps to restore diplomatic relations with Iran in an atmosphere of mutual respect and non-intervention in each other's affairs.



The American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) was formed in 2004 for the purpose of promoting trust, mutual understanding and peace between Americans, on one hand, and Iranians living in Iran and abroad, on the other. Prompted by concern for the consequences of an on-going anti-Iranian U.S. foreign policy, the AIFC takes steps towards creating an atmosphere that dampens escalation of tensions and the drive toward war. We work with all interested in genuine peace and progress between the U.S. and Iran - ending the unjust sanctions, and preventing another U.S.-NATO war.


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