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Response to DIS Newsletter 16/4/2020

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Dear DIS,

This petition/request is with regards to the email sent across by DIS on 16/4/2020 with regards to the relief suggestions for the parents. We understand that all parents were asked to send individual emails, but we are in this all together and we believe this is the best platform to communicate. Also kindly do not take this as spreading negativity as it has been told to us before over calls. This is a communication channel and it has to be strictly treated that way.

Below are our feedback to everything mentioned on the Newsletter:

1) With the start of the Newsletter itself what is clearly evident is that despite all the requests going in and all the emails sent by parents till date, the main concern is the profitability of the school even in this scenario. For some reason the parent's concern has taken a back seat.

2) DIS claiming them to be almost Non-Profitable is not something most of the parents are able to digest. Are you saying that the school compensates everything to its Staff regardless if they have 1,000 today and 2,000 students the next term?

3) "High quality e-learning program" as suggested by the school might be agreed for some grades but definitely not for Grade 5 or 6 parents. Why is the school always seeming to praise week on week on the great platform that they have been doing but not being realistic about what is actually happening? The students and the parents are not proud of the platform for sure, then on what basis is the school happy? The only live sessions we have are the ones in the morning for 10 minutes and then the practice of uploading assignments or like we would call it as Homework rather than any proper teaching happens. Parent's are spending more time here teaching the students as they are left to self study or only ask questions to which the teacher's will respond. Where is the concept of teaching at all? Would it not be easier for us to download material online without having to spend for the whole term fees?? On top of this we have been receiving calls with reasons like Online learning is not possible due to student's being in different time zones. Could DIS please clarify how many students are actually not available when travelling is banned already? Are the majority of the students to be sacrificed for a few, if any being away from UAE? If this is also an issue, then why is not applicable to higher grades?

4) Discount of ONLY 10% on next year?? Many reputed schools have gone down by 20-25% for the parents and we all expect the same. We are suffering today and do not know what is in store for us till September and on top of this DIS is suggesting to distribute the 10% over the whole year?? Plus DIS is adding a regulation now indirectly enforcing for Students to continue next year to avail for something that we need TODAY!! What about students who don't want to continue? Where is the mention for this?

5) Financial aid fund for affected families? Has DIS not been hearing about the concern of all parents who mainly have requested a uniform discount on Term 3? What about parents who haven't lost their income today but will do in the next couple of months?? Soon another email will again be sent to pay the next year registration fees to secure a spot.

6)Yet again, expecting parents to refer new students is not helping.We would like and be happy to recommend DIS to other parents but DIS has to work on supporting families to encourage others to join. On what basis do we ask others to join if we are not happy as a group?

On a final note, it really makes us wonder if a new salary structure was firstly implemented in school with regards to the salaries of the Director & staff in school. (We don’t mean the salaries of the security guards, care takers, assistants which was clearly focused on in the letter).

Some of the top CEO / directors have 50% - 100% pay cut due to the crisis. Several entities have implemented this, esp for the “top managerial level” to secure the continuity of the business across the UAE.

That letter offered to parents by the director was clearly only beneficial to the school, with no regards to the current crisis at all.

We all request DIS to further consider their last communication to the parents.

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