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We, the citizens of the Republic of Nicaragua and the members of RESISTENCIA NICARAGUENSE, who love Democracy and the Rule of Law, feel the obligation and the necessity to denounce before international public opinion the continued abuses and violations of our rights and freedoms, as well as to our Constitution by the citizen President Daniel Ortega Saavedra. During his time in power, Daniel Ortega has violated our Constitution 67 times, demonstrating his totalitarian tendencies and total disregard for the legal system. 

 President Ortega is trying to remain in power at any cost and become the head of a new dynasty in the best style of the Somoza Family, which brought so much pain, blood and tears to our country. The lifestyle of the Ortega Family has been greatly enriched and President Ortega has rapidly become a tycoon who owns companies of all kinds. To achieve his objectives, Ortega is using any means at his disposal, especially those provided by the covenant existing between himself and the former President Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo, leader of the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC), who provides some of the servile and corrupt officials who control the Four Branches of the Government. 

 The citizens are totally helpless regarding the various forms of persecution and harassment against anyone who does not sympathise with the Government/Party. We cannot feel safe under a government that remains silent and gives no explanation or clarification of the “untimely” deaths of people engaged in politics who were not showing any disposition to disown their own views and obey and act on Ortega’s desires.  

In the 80’s Daniel Ortega controlled the people through the Sandinista Defense Committees (CDS). Today, the FSLN has created the so-called Citizen Power Councils (CPC), under the command of Rosario Murillo, (the powerful half of the binomial Ortega-Murillo), which constitute a new organisational structure to exert a “Direct Democracy”, whose alleged objectives are to develop and implement the Social Projects of the Government (Zero Hunger, Zero Usury, Homes for the People, etc.) These Councils are composed of fanatical people who have been bought by patronage and given power to exert the authority duly appointed to the officials in the Ministries, Autonomous Entities and Municipal Governments, all with the support and knowledge of the Ortega-Murillo “dynasty”, who will, eventually, control everything from their home/Office of the President/Secretariat of the FSLN. 

 In every State Entity and Public Office, the Ortega Government has fired trained and experienced personnel, who have been replaced by people with no training whatsoever, but who are proven Sandinistas/Orteguistas and blindly obey Ortega and his Party. 

Daniel Ortega is also manipulating the Catholic Faith, that many of the Nicaraguan people profess, through the influence that, the now infamous Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, may still have on the masses, and who has bowed to the whims of the dictator, in exchange for economic benefits and power for himself and his protégé, the disowned, despised and hated President of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), Roberto Rivas Reyes. 

 President Daniel Ortega Saavedra won a rigged victory in the Municipal Elections of November 2008, with the direct and total cooperation of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), chaired by Roberto Rivas Reyes, one of the main architects of the fraud in those elections, and who continues to head the Council, although he and the rest of the Magistrates have been past their legal periods of office for several months. This same Supreme Electoral Council, illegal and corrupt, just last October convoked to general elections (to elect President, Vice-President, National and Provincial Deputies to the National Assembly and to Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), regardless of whether they have been legally elected to continue in their respective positions. Even at this point, most voters in the stolen election of 2008 are still waiting for them to tell us what happened to the thousands and thousands of votes, as well as to all the polling stations that “mysteriously disappeared”. Of course, we know very well what happened to them. When they realised that they were not winning as expected, they committed blunders in their desperation to retain power. There are many photographs (which are attached here) that show evidence of the thousands of votes that were disposed of at different landfills and several garbage deposits. 

 President Ortega is legally and specifically inhibited by the Article 147 of our Constitution to participate in the upcoming elections of 2011. For that reason, he and his minions have managed to make a thousand and one reforms to our Constitution so that he can get away with it and be re-elected for another five years period, in what clearly would be the enthronement of a new dictatorship: The dictatorship of the Ortega-Murillo Family, or as they call it, “The People President”, or “The Government of the Poor”. The latter is making much more sense now, since this nefarious and corrupt government has made all Nicaraguans become poor. 

 Nicaragua has been converted by Ortega, into a haven for international criminals and terrorists, to whom the government give every assistance and protection. As if that were not enough we are becoming a servant of the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez, through the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA) and its alleged aid provision for our people, which is being used for single benefit and enrichment of Daniel Ortega, his family and partisan friends. In short, he is taking over slowly and completely all of Nicaragua and through the consummation of the fraud that he and his corrupt followers are planning, our country will soon be their private state. 

 Very sadly, Nicaraguans are being trampled and stripped of all hope for our future and our children’s because of the new Ortega-Alemán covenant, and they both know that their chances of winning separately in the 2011 elections are not very high. Daniel Ortega has only 38% of the votes (the captive vote) perhaps a bit more than that due to the populist policies and strategies adopted in recent months, expressly directed to gain a greater number of followers, as he knows that the vast majority of voters supporting an alliance under one single party banner, could perfectly ruin his dreams of becoming the “Fidel Castro” of Central America. 

 Product of the covenant, Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo got pardoned and freed without serving his 20 years sentence, which he deserved a hundred times, and now as an ex-convict he has become again a candidate for the Presidency of our Republic. This, despite being rejected by the majority of people, who will never forgive his betrayal and the fact that he acted deliberately and consciously against the best interests of the country. However, he has remained stubbornly refusing to give way to anyone else within his party, and has been self-proclaimed as the only leader capable of defeating Daniel Ortega. 

 The fact is that Daniel Ortega and Arnoldo Alemán have already written the end of this story, and this is one in which Ortega wins the elections and Alemán retains his share of political and economic power, as well as his freedom. All in exchange for Nicaragua to be sunk deeper into the misery and despair that any leftist/populist government brings about. 

 They have both been carrying out all kinds of compromise, bribery, extortion, blackmail and an arsenal of tricks that Ortega’s FSLN commonly use, to achieve that at a future meeting of the National Assembly the re-election of Ortega be approved, thus giving his plan some semblance of “legality”. 

 The President’s plan is so Machiavellian that he has even deliberately provoked a political crisis with our southern neighbour, Costa Rica, to be able to cover all the violations and atrocities that are being committed; this way, as he quietly organises his fraud, the public attention is diverted from the electoral process of 2011, and at the same time, aims to decrease the turmoil that has erupted among our people because of the actions of a Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) that has absolutely no credibility. He is also manipulating our patriotic sentiments to get our full support and so he would also become “the great defender of our sovereignty”. All of this, after he has also started confrontations with our northern neighbours, Honduras, and even with Colombia, creating a situation highly volatile and dangerous for the stability of the Central America region. 

 Amid all of this economic and social chaos that reigns in our country, we have glimpsed a ray of hope, as we learn that several candidates really do exist in the various democratic parties in Nicaragua, who have sufficient influence to unify the dispersed, other parties’ and non-party votes. 

 These possible candidates have proven to be people whose interests are exclusively focused to serve the nation, carrying the uprightness and honesty as their only flag and who are gaining more and more sympathy every day that passes. Any of them would put Nicaragua back on course toward Democracy, but the whims and musings of Daniel Ortega and Arnoldo Alemán, his partner in all of his illegalities, and who in his desperation of being confronted with his imminent return to prison to pay what is left of his debt to justice and to the people, has covered up and supported each one of the arbitrary acts of Ortega and the de facto Supreme Electoral Council, have already begun to put obstacles in the way of those people who might be the only option to capture the vote of the “silent majority” and start what we need urgently in Nicaragua: A Revolution of Honesty. 

 We wish to request to the International Community and all International Organisations of Protection and Support of Democracy, to exert the necessary pressure, with all the means at their disposal, on the government of Daniel Ortega, so that he can be persuaded to allow International Observers in the elections of 2011, and to cease his violations of the Constitution and the rights of the Nicaraguan people. 

 We also urgently request all possible assistance to put Daniel Ortega on trial for each and every one of his crimes, already known to the world (Red Christmas among them), and to those who have been his accomplices in the systematic destruction of the fair government of our country. 

 If the Democratic Nations do not assist us in this endeavour to safeguard the purity of the electoral process of November 6th, 2011, Nicaragua could be hopelessly lost in every way, since Daniel Ortega’s dictatorial attitudes and poor decisions have led to the withdrawal of the European Community aid, scared off foreign investments that are so much needed for our economic and social development. He has in fact, done his best to isolate Nicaragua from the wider world . 

 Nicaragua is being plundered, violated, mocked, and reduced to its simplest expression by those who swore to defend her and protect her. Nicaraguans are tired of suffering so many humiliations, so much poverty and unemployment, and of failing to provide a decent future for our children. We are tired of having to emigrate to seek a better life, and of being helpless witnesses to how everything we cherish and value the most is destroyed and trampled with absolute impunity. An example of this is the complete disregard and disrespect of our sacred blue and white flag, which has been replaced by the red and black flag of Ortega’s party in official and public events. We are tired of seeking justice and never finding it, and instead end up being victimised by the same system that is supposed to defend us. 

 As a corollary to the above, President Daniel Ortega sent three bills on November 26th, 2010, to the Secretary of the National Assembly to expedite their passing, with the intention of having them approved no later than Monday December 6th, 2010. Such laws were passed on December 13th, 2010 by 70 members of the FSLN and PLC parties, in spite of their flagrant violation of the Constitution, especially where that pertains to basic citizens rights. These laws could bring civil unrest as they might allow Daniel Ortega to perform the forced recruitment of citizens (prohibited in the Article 96 of the Constitution), and also subject the civilian power to military power. With this, Ortega has taken a step forward to the establishment of his dictatorship. 

 Nicaraguans do not want to shed more blood, do not want more war and more violence. Nor do we want to see our youth being forced to join the military only for a dictator to be crowned. We are just asking for an opportunity, a break in this chain of unfortunate governments that have enslaved us, to show to the world that it is possible for us to make our dreams of democracy, peace and freedom come true. We want to have our right to free choice respected, and the will of majority to prevail. We do not want more dictatorships or impositions. We want peace, and that depends directly on our most basic human and civil rights being respected. No to Re-election! No to Continuity! No to dictatorship! 

 No to the Socialism of the XXI Century! 


Note:  Pictures can be seen at the Tab marked Blog.


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