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*Resident Evil* Film Adaptations Boycott

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*Attention All Resident Evil Gamers

Want to put a stop to the evil film corporations of Hollywood that are dragging Resident Evil's good name through the mud and embarrassing gamers everywhere? Want to help put a dent in those oh so important ticket sales opening weekend?

Then come join the fight and help BRING. THIS CORPORATION. DOWN.. Umbrella style!
It's US vs HOLLYWOOD, guys.

**We are here to help start a boycott against the terribly exploited Resident Evil films. This petition is to help bring attention to the selfish intentions of the people behind these films, and boycott them by refusing to see the next film in theaters. If agreeable gamers unite and refuse to add to box office sales, we can really put a dent in those numbers and get them where it hurts, giving them no choice but to factor in that loss when it's time to discuss future films. We feel that if we STOP supporting them just to see what happens next in this laughable series, there may be less incentive to make more. We don't intent to completely stop Anderson from his evil reign, but we do intend to unite all gamers (that agree with us) and open other fans eyes to these selfish intentions and join us in this movement. Hopefully this boycott will let them know that REAL Resident Evil fans don't kiss Alice ass! This isn't about simply disliking a bad film. This movement is about being offended by the way they continue to embarrass our favorite series and any real RE fan should see that. We can't "just ignore" and "not watch" them, we refuse to sit back and watch this happen without taking action. We simply want to ban together and refuse to see these films in theaters while recruiting others who already feel this way. We do not intend to force our opinions on other fans nor do we expect to have these films stopped. We only intend to bring awareness to what Hollywood is doing to our much loved series and help reduce ticket sales by refusing to see them in theaters.**

This is a personal battle for all Resident Evil gamers everywhere against Anderson for single handedly ruining RE's film adaptation. He has exploited the series for high box office number$ and is using it as his personal tool to forge an action film career for his wife, which he completely rewrote the entire story for. Why does he do this? Because he doesn't care to make Resident Evil fans happy, only her fans happy. Why do we let him get away with it? Because RE fans are fiercely loyal and will play, watch, buy, and read anything with the RE name on it. It's time to STOP adding fuel to the fire and end the curiosity we all have to see what happens next to our beloved series, because we are always disappointed! Curiosity is why we see these films, but I can tell you what happens. Slow motion spin kicks to a $hitty nu metal soundtrack where original characters take the back seat to the likes of Rain and Alice. He is over doing it now, giving her claim to the entire series (costumes, script, plot) which would be okay IF SHE WEREN'T A MADE UP CHARACTER!! Quit exploiting the best survival horror game ever made to fit your personal needs, Milla J Paul S. Anderson!

High box office sales fueled by curiosity is the driving force behind these laughable films and we as gamers have the power to at least be heard as a collective voice and let them know that it's not okay. We don't expect exact replicas of the games. However, we do expect RESPECT for the series you make bank off of and at least a decent storyline where original characters get a little more than secondary roles next to a non canon character! We don't expect the general public to see this, but the truth of the matter is the blatant disregard to make what could have been decent films in order to advance action film careers, and THAT is offensive. Not that they didn't make the films EXACTLY to our liking, but because they are ruining the film adaptations for their own selfish reasons. They are getting high box office number$ confused with approval for these garbage films and we have to stop fueling that now! Sign this petition today!


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