Require Majority Vote Rule for House Elections

Bob  Stern
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To: Federal elected representatives in the House and Senate , and state legislators. 

Due to manipulation of House district boundaries for political gain, or gerrymandering, the House of Representatives no longer reflects the popular vote or will as called for in the U.S. Constitution. Because of that, popular initiatives do not get consdered by it let alone passed in to law.This is not the U.S. democracy outlined in the Consitution. 

In the 2012 House elections nationwide, 1.4 million more democratic votes were cast than republican ones. Based on that popular vote, Democrats should have a 1-2 seat margin in the House yet Republicans secured a very large 33 seat advantage. Therefore there is a need to put forth legislation and/or state ballot initiatives to require that House of Representative elections be consistent with the statewide popular vote. Specifically, require a Constitution consistency review after each House election to assure that. Using Pennsylvania as an example, Democrats won 5 House seats in 2012 but their popular statewide vote of 51% should have given them 9. So, under this review, Pennsylvania would be required to redraw its districts, based on the voting pattern results of 2012, so that 4 seats would have shifted-- to be consistent with the Constitution’s reliance on the popular vote. It would be required to use the revised districts in the next House election.






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