Require Fingerprint scanners at swing state location's

Thomas  Lowe
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This is a petition to start requiring finger print scanner's at swing state voting locations to help cut down on voter fraud. This petition's goal is to help cut voter fraud from both parties during presidential election cycles, the idea is to install finger print scanner's (Similar to what they have at the Tag Agency) So that way if someone is to poor to afford a ID or a "undocumented voter"they can still vote by voluntarily submitting their finger print and submit to have their picture taken at the polls, to be recorded and sent out to local law enforcement agencies, tag agencies etc, this would not only help control how many time "undocumented citizens" vote and also help catch those wanted for Bail jumping, child support, violent crimes, etc, if they want to vote without a ID then they will have to voluntarily submit their finger print at the polls, or choose not vote, this would help catch those jumping bail, and violent offenders, State Id's can be faked, but finger print's are original and if you have the voter take a picture along with their finger print being taken it would cut down voter fraud from both parties. Thank You for your time.



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