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Require congress to pass a security clearance

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           How congressional security works today in 2012

House and Senate staff members with a need to access classified information are required to obtain security clearances. The Office of Senate Security and Office of House Security, respectively, have oversight over the security clearance process for congressional staffers, and background investigations are conducted by the FBI

With increased congressional oversight of sensitive national security issues – and more scrutiny on both the issues and need for access – the congressional security clearance procedures have come under scrutiny in recent years. An August 2011 CRS report proposed mandating security clearances for all members of congress. Despite several proposals and wrangling on both the legislative and executive sides (due to accusations of leaked information coming from both branches), requirements for members of congress or elected officials to obtain security clearances have never been passed.
Opponents of requiring security clearances argue the process could compromise the independence of legislators. More likely, it would add increased scrutiny on members that may prove politically, if not personally, harmful. Given the number of sex scandals and other congressional debauchery, one could argue a fair number of members of congress may have blackmail problems, and a lot to lose in the event of an unfavorable clearance decision.
Other suggestions have included requiring signed oaths of secrecy, or random drug and polygraph testing for members of congress.
The issue of security clearances for members of congress isn’t one that is likely to go away anytime soon. With increased intelligence oversight and more complex intelligence challenges, one may begin to wonder if the attainment of elected office is a high enough hurdle to open up access to America’s most sensitive secrets.

  Reason for adding to the list of security clearance requirement.

Our Federal Government has been over run by people with Marxist ideologies and thugs who wish to overthrow our government. Members of the (CPC Congressional Progressive Caucus), (DSA Democrats for a Socialist America), and others connected to the communist party are all working to write laws and regulations to put the privet sector out of business and create scams to bankrupted our nation, Cap & Trade, Global Warming and so on. President Obama has a history of connections to people like Bill Ayers a terrorist, 20 years a member of a Marxist church “Black Theology” his mentor at age 10 – 19 "Frank Marshall Davis" a communist.Obama appointed Van Jones an admitted communist as his green jobs czar. A capitalist would not do that. When Obama visited Chavez of Venezuela Chavez said Obama may be left of us. On 6-3-12 Chavez announced he is a communistUnder the Obama administration our money is becoming worthless due to spending us into an additional 4.5 trillion dollars in debt in 3.5 years. We are now printing money at a record pace because our credit on the world market is maxed out. Our Supreme Court has given the Federal Government the right to threaten “We the people” with a tax for not buying a product government has decided we need to buy. Totally unconstitutional. The constitution was designed to limit what government can do to us. This madness has to stop these people are doing a Cloward & Piven on America. This is all made possible by the fact that there is no Security Clearance requirement for members of congress elected or appointed. There staff yes but the congressman no. How stupid is that.

  Security clearance changes needed to save our republic.

All people who write Laws and Regulations are entrusted with power that can destroy our republic.

 All the following need to be added to the list of required to pass a security clearance.

1. All members of all three branches of government Executive, House, and Senate elected or appointed.

2. Unions in public and privet sector. They have been known to destroy companies and have bankrupted states.

3. State governments all government workers who write laws and regulations.

4. Collage professors, and teachers who are entrusted with the education of our children. 

5. The EPA, IRS, DOJ, DOE, and so on.  

This clearance is not to expose their personal life. Any government position that involves the creation of or execution of laws, regulations and policies should be required to pass a security clearance. This clearance must require that they are in no way past or present connected to the communist party or any party or organization bent on the overthrow of our government and are not connected to any criminal organization. Again this clearance is not to expose their personal life. Those who fail to pass are no longer candidates for their position and they are to be replaced as they are no longer cleared to work in congress.

From this day forward all candidates running for government office need a security clearance to check their background on connections to communists and the communist party. Background investigations are conducted by the FBI.

                              Communism Exposed:

Communists are Psychopathic Mass Murderers with a Well Conceived Plan. A history of political take over by first promising the poor masses that he will redistribute the wealth. From the book (hungry ghosts: Mao’s Secret Famine by Jasper Becker). Communism as opposed to capitalism does not run on a monetary system, communism runs on a food for work system. No work no food. That’s how they starved to death between 40 & 70 million people. In China Chairman Mao and the communist party promised the poor they would redistribute the wealth in order to get their support. China went through a revolution and the communists won. Between 1958 and 1962 China went through a transformation that ended with the murder and starvation of from 40 to 70 million people. Under the command of Chairman Mao and the communist party who got their training at a university in Moscow Russia, they rounded up and killed all the business owners. Mao passed a law that no one was to grow their own food to feed their family. Anyone that violated this law was shot. Millions were shot. People were to move to the communes where they would receive government supplied food and all their needs. They were to work for the government. A good work performance would be rewarded with more food than a bad work performance. Some were worked to death others starved to death. In the end when the Red Army started starving they released the educated class from prison and allowed privet farming once again. Like Genghjs Khan, Mao never paid for his crimes. It was the same for Cuba. Castro killed 14,000 business owners after announcing he was a communist. The rest were allowed to flee to Florida. He has never paid for his crimes and Cuba is still in communist controlled poverty. We don’t need this to happen to America. If a politician says he will redistribute the wealth Do Not vote for him and require all congress pass a security clearance. 

If you agree please sign this petition to save our republic.


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