Request to rescind, table and revisit approval of Twelve Oaks Township expansion per Billy Westbrook

Robert Neal
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On July 1, 2013 , the Lafayette County Board Of Supervisors approved a request by Billy Westbrook to construct thirty seven lots/homes located at the Township of Twelve Oaks. As residents/homeowners/investors, we are asking you to rescind, table and review that decision. The reason given those in attendance at the meeting of the Planning Commission on    was that this new project had nothing to do with Mr. Westbrook's request. If so, why do subdivision regulations mandate homeowner's adjacent to the newly approved area be notified via registered mail. On Wednesday, July 17, County Planner/Engineer Larry Britt talked with area homeowners, who had multiple issues with drainage, sedimentation control and erosion. Any infrastructure in this new plat will be directly connected with already existing problems. Until proper countermeasures are in place for the present soil conditions, the same problems will continue, just on a much larger scale.




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