ReQuest For Storm Shelters In Arkansas & Oklahoma

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This is a petition for shelters in Arkansas & Oklahoma we desperately needed due all the destruction in deaths each state has endured over the past several years. The state & government build countless unnecessary business's in our community's like liquor stores , grocery stores , pawn shops & entertainment spots. All this does is allow us to get intoxicated , eat give all of our belongings & than go be entertained at one of the local venues base ball games etc.. so we can be blinded to the facts. Until a tornado comes along & destroys everything we've worked for & the people we love Arkansas & Oklahoma is high in poverty & homelessness in the major cities. If we could get these shelters built in our schools , community neighborhoods , downtown entertainment areas than people would feel more safe & enthusiastic about coming & living in ark / ok. but most importantly it would save lives. So please if you the state / government spend & waste money on entertainment & building & rebuilding on our streets year after year than you take those hundreds of thousands of dollars & invest for our lives & the question is why havnt you ? but you havnt & it came to this.So now im stepping up & trying to get done what you shouldve done years ago & if you the people agree with me please sign this petition now. Thank you God bless.





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