Request for Open Dialogue at TAS

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Petition to the Head of School from the TAS Parent-Alumni Community

Dear Dr. Sharon D. Hennessy:

Recent social media and TV news broadcasts regarding expelled TAS students on grounds of certain racist behavior have resulted in rampant rumors and instigated grave concern, fear and confusion in our community. Thank you for your swift response and commitment to diversity and race sensitivity. However, we believe an open dialogue is also necessary to address this situation.

As such, we, the members of the TAS parent community, with support from our alumni, respectfully request clarification of:

1. How student violations can result in expulsion, also characterized as forced withdrawal, suspension, separation.

What were the specific violations, and how was the TAS Code of Conduct applied in this incident?

2. The investigation process for violations.

What sequential steps and factors did the administration take into consideration when arriving at the disciplinary actions, and the appeal process that followed?

3. The rationale behind the disciplinary actions that were given.

We need to understand what the disciplinary actions entail and the rationale directly from you so we can prevent our children from receiving the same discipline for other potential infractions.

We recognize privacy concerns for these students. However, this incident is already in the public sphere. We believe you are able to present the matter and the resulting disciplinary actions without violating individual privacy, while preserving confidentiality.

In this time of uncertainty and social unrest, we thank you for your commitment to improving the school’s curriculum as it pertains to issues of race and privilege. Understanding how our current TAS Code of Conduct is applied with a clear and transparent account of what, how and why these disciplinary actions are given, will facilitate a better understanding of the true meaning of social justice for our community. We respectfully request that you address these issues in a public forum with the TAS parent-alumni community. In order to quickly dispel the destructive nature of the continuing rumors, we ask that this meeting be conducted at the beginning of the 2020 Fall Semester.


The TAS Parent Community


致,Dr. Hennessy 總校長



1. 請解釋學生觸犯哪些規範會導致退學, 或強制自請退學、停學、隔離


2. 請解釋觸犯校規的調查程序。


3. 請總校長說明校方採取的各項懲處教化的措施以及其背後的邏輯。




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