Request for Facts on Imam Suhaib's Departure from Our Community

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7 Signatures Goal: 2,000

Target: The Leadership of the MCA Islamic Center

This is a petition to call for an investigation into the circumstances under which Imam Suhaib left our community. We can certainly attest to the tremendous value Imam Suhaib's attachment to the community provided. As an American born Imam, he related well with the youth and with his audience and was a very valuable resource which cannot be replaced easily. 

His departure has raised many questions in people's minds. Why did Imam Suhaib leave the area he called home? What circumstances led him to make this decision? The community deserves to know all the facts. The prevailing lack of transparency around this has resulted in lack of trust in the way MCA is managed. 

 We hope to achieve the following:

  1. Understand the facts of the situation which caused Imam Suhaib to leave the community
  2. Learn from the mistakes to prevent future occurrences 

We as community members are seeking answers. We expect to hear an honest conversation and learn all the facts.






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