Reporting of Duplicate Bridge Results, Syracuse, NY Post Standard

Francis Hobitz
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The new post standard has made a decision to eliminate reporting of Duplicate Bridge Scores in their Sunday paper, which they have historically done. As an 81 year old Bridge novice, and a member of the Fayetteville & Manlius Sr. Center Bridge Clubs, this is a major activity for my wife and myself, who also plays with the Manlius Suburbanites club. My wife is disabled, and this is her major social activity, as it is for many of the members of the Syracuse Bridge Community whose ages are in the 60 to 100 years range. The published Bridge Results is a major incentive for many people to compete and stay active mentally. This petition is to give this community a voice against this discrimination being employed by the Post Standard. Many of our members are also veterans of WW2, The Korean Conflict. We all have contributed to society through our professional lives and as volunteers in our community. Being ignored by the Post Standard is not platable.



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