Replace terrible Millcroft Speedbumps with permanent ones

Don Parkhill
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2 Signatures Goal: 1,000

We live in a community of homes from $300,000 to well over $1,000,000, yet the City of Burlington feels that it is ok to toss in plastic speed bumps. The speed bumps in question are on Berwick (times two) and Berton (times one).

Not only are these speed bumps terrible to drive over, they are also aesthitically terrble on the eyes! We all realize why these measure are in place, however, with the amount of taxes that are paid in our community, we feel that it justify's permanent, ashphalt measures seen in every other community within Burlington (see the Orchard on Sutton Drive).

I have seen, on multiple occasions work crews spending time and City dollars fixing these eye sores due to snow plows, cars and vandalism. Anyone that utilizes Berwick Drive or Berton, will agree that these speed bumps need replacing. This will enhance the look of them, as well as reduce maintenance costs for the City on them. Please sign the petition and have Burlington look at this!





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