Senator Charles E. Shannon, Jr. Community Safety Initiative Grant

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     Since 2006, the Commonwealth has used the Shannon Grant program to combat youth violence, gang violence, and substance abuse through the regional, multi-discplinary efforts. Communication across municipal lines and coordination between public safety officers and social service agencies is what sets Shannon Grants apart from other efforts to fund local law enforcement or prevention programs.

     Shannon Grant funds have been used to support regional law enforcement operations, to hire outreach workers, to fund job training programs, and to support after school programs. Over 40 communities and more than 100 agencies have benefited from this program over the last five years, and in that time regional coordination between law enforcement and social and human services agencies has increased substantially.

     Shannon grant funds support the City of Boston's comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing gun, gang, and youth violence in the City by targeting services and interventions to at-risk and gang-affiliated youth from 5 "hotspot" locations:


1. Bowdoin/Geneva/Homes Ave and Codman Square areas of Dorchester

2. Blue Hill/Morton-Talbot area of Mattapan/North Dorchester

3. South End/Lower Roxbury

4. Egleston Square area of Jamaica Plain

5. Grove Hall area of Roxbury





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