We demand the repeal of the Human Rights Act

Aine de Lacy
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We, the people, demand the the Human Rights Act is repealed without delay, because it is failing to protect British citizens in our own country.


We believe that the failure of immigration judges to deport Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqui-Kurd, back to his own country, after two applications to stay in this country were refused and after he knocked down and killed a 12-year old girl, Amy Houston, whilst disqualified from driving (for which he only received four months in prison for driving whilst disqualified and uninsured) on the grounds that would breach his right to a ‘private and family life, is a disgrace.


We agree with Amy's father, Paul, who says ‘This decision shows the Human Rights Act to be nothing more than a charter for thieves, killers, terrorists and illegal immigrants. The rights of the criminal have been favoured over the rights of the victim and that is an abomination to civilised society.’


We believe that this and other cases such as the nine Afghans who hijacked a Boeing in 2000, flew it to Stansted and were allowed to stay here; illegal immigrant Ahsan Sabri, who killed writer Sophie Warne after speeding through a red light; Somalian Mohammed Kendeh, convicted of raping two British women and the case of Learco Chindamo, who killed headteacher Phillip Lawrence, and who escaped deportation back to Italy on the grounds he had moved to the UK as a child clearly demonstrate that the Human Rights Act is being abused by those who would seek to harm us and is not protecting the rights of the victims or their families.


We demand that the government listen to the will of the people and scrap this act now.




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