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Urges the repeal the Ugandan Anti-Gay Law

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Dear Mr President, Members of the Review Committee, Members of the Ugandan Parliament and Donor governments (and to whomever is reading this)

First of all, I want to say that I realize and appreciate that what you are doing is in good nature and you are simply trying to protect your citizens from harm. I do admire that. But I believe by signing this bill, and going forth in instating this law, you will be heading in the complete opposite direction of what you hoped you would achieve.

You have stated that homosexuality is 'unnatural'. What if I told you this: research shows that homosexuality does in fact exist in the animal kingdom, researchers estimate that it exists within over 1,500 species. I would now like to pose this question, how can something be unnatural if it exists in nature? Humans haven't tampered with all of these species to make them engage in homosexual practices, it was the natural instinct of the species. A recent article published on the study conducted by the University of California- Riverside states that 'Same-sex behavior is a nearly universal phenomenon in the animal kingdom, common across species, from worms to frogs to birds, concludes a new review of existing research.'
By definition the word unnatural means 'contrary to the course of nature'. So if homosexuality exists in the nature of all of these species, yet homophobia only exists in ours, which one seems unnatural now?

There have also been rumors that this bill is to prevent children or teens to not be influenced or 'recruited' by homosexuals. There has been no solid evidence in the supporters of the bill to justify that. Also, if that were true, that means that the human mind is able to be 'recruited' into a particular sexual orientation. If that were true, there wouldn't be any gay people because almost all of the time, homosexual people are raised by heterosexual parents.

I am positive that passing this bill as a law would do more harm than good. It is proven that countries with similar views and policies have better relationships than ones who don't. This bill could jeopardize future business and trading relationships with the West as well as persuade donor nations to withdraw their aid. This could lead to global isolation of Uganda.

Although I am not a homosexual myself, I believe that we should show some more humanity to our fellow humans and give them their basic human rights. We allow sex offenders, serial killers, child molesters, drug traffickers and criminals of all sorts to get married. Yet we make it a crime for to devoted individuals to get married?

We can not tell you what to do, nor are we trying to tell you how to do your job, you are the one that we trust with the power. This is simply a worldwide plea for Ugandan officials to consider the awful backlash that this new law could bring.

I am urging Ugandan and International leaders to take into consideration and honor the Ugandan constitution, which in Article 29, contains strong protections for freedom of expression, conscience and beliefs. Article 36 also states that minorities would be protected and have a right to participate in decision-making processes. I believe that together, we can prevent the thousands of teens committing suicide due to oppression from both their leaders and the public, and move towards a prosperous Uganda that promotes justice for all its people.

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