Repeal All State and Federal Union Laws

Jeremy  Squire
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Repeal all "State and Federal Union" laws and make it illegal for states to enact "Union" laws in the future!!! We want the President to act immediately and call for a repeal of "State and Federal" laws nationwide, and if necessary, sign an executive order to ensure that "State and Federal Union" laws are illegal. "State and Federal Union" Laws are not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL, They also breed corruption and violence. The truth is, "State and Federal Union" laws hurt job creation and job growth as well as destroy businesses significantly. It is an attempt by wealthy Democrat politicians and union thugs to silence public voice in government, and SHOULD NEVER, under any circumstances, be tolerated. The other problem with these laws, is that they breed corruption among Union Bosses  and violence against non-union members. "State and Federal Union" Laws are a blatant attack on the middle class, the Constitution and the economy.





  • 5 years ago
    Jeremy Squire United States
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