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 Rep. Allen West is being criticized for hosting a screening in Congress of a film showing the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque from survivors of 9/11 and the family members of victims. The controversy has captured the attention of the country, and the Park51 group refuses to scrap its plans despite the pleas of New Yorkers, offended Americans and even Muslims that feel it is detrimental to their community. The September 8 event will be attended by people who lost loved ones in those horrific attacks, and want to take a stand so that the Ground Zero Mosque will not be built on their graves. Rep. Allen West has bravely decided to stand with them, aware of the criticism that he would receive. We, the undersigned, thank Rep. Allen West for hosting a screening of Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque on September 8 in Congress. We declare our support for Rep. Allen West in the face of the vile smears made against him, such as calling him an “Islamophobe” and accusing him of having an anti-Muslim prejudice. We salute Rep. Allen West for his military service, and for expressing his opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque. We encourage Rep. Allen West to keep standing against the Islamists, and to never bow to political correctness.




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