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REO Speedwagon for Michelle Dandron

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Dear sirs, My name is Brittany Ellen lea Dandron and i would like for you to read my letter and please please elp me give my mom the very best Birdbath party ever , My mom is going to be 49 on September 21 this year and a month ago she was disgonesed with a very rare and un usually stage 3 horome breast cancer she will half to do chemo for a year times a week starting September 2 2013 and also on that day she we also have to take 3 oral \chemo pills well 2 chemo and 1 hormeon ,my mom has had already 4 major surgery in just one month and all her life the only thing she has ever wanted to do is to meet the band REO SPEEDWAGON and the lead singer Kevin that all she ever talks about her most favorite song by REO is KEEP ON LOVING YOU ... You ask why i am writing to you is because my mother doesnt have a long life left for her and she has done so much for every on,,, you see Michelle is my biological Auny she adpodted my brother and myself because our parents didnt want us and did all kinds of drugs and alchol while we were in her stomach and my brother Robert was born dead and weighed in at 4 pounds and at 18 months i was disgonesed with colon cancer i died in my mommy arms 3 or 4 times and she was told several times to make a choice to take me off the vent cause i was not gonna make it and she just kept saying yes she will on Mothers day 2005 i oped up my eyes to my mommy so you see she never gave up on me and never left my side ass for i was so sick she still had 4 other children to raise on her on as a single mom and she never let them down and than while she was going through all this my boppie (her Daddy) got very ill and had to have open heart surgery and the next day my Daddy got his entire body completely burned up and was in Doctors Hospital in Augusta Ga and now my mommy had my boppie in theV A hospital across from the childerns medical hospital i was in and than my daddy at Doctors hospital down the street so she was running back and fourth for days on end and when we all came home from the hospital my mommy had all 3 of to take care of us at 1 time and than in October of 2004 her very best friend my great grandma passed away and went to heaven and that just about did my mommy in but she never gave up on her daddy my daddy or i or my 4 other sibbilings and now in Jan she was disgoned with COPD and EMPHAMESIA and now stage 3 breast cancer and all she has on her (bucket List) haha is to meet and have REO SPEEDWAGON at her birthday party we don't have any money and if you can please help me i will for ever be great ful last year in choir i hade to write an essay on a music band i choose REO i got an At and my mom was so proud of me and so were my teachers please say you will come and give my mommy Michelle Dandron the best Birthday gift i could ever give to her please please please this is no joke and i can send all the prof and medical DRS numbers and records to prove all of wht i am telling you plus my mommy would be mad if i ever said something like this and it was a lie is not a sachem Here are my phone numbers and address and email ands such (removed for privacy issues) Maatthew is 28 Amy is 23 Jennifer is 20 Robert is 15 and i will be 14 tomorrow and we all grew up on REO SPEEDWAGON i am giving you all this so if you want to\c heck out my story to make sure i am lyeing to you.. and one more thing sir May 5 2010 My Mommy Daddy diead of liver cancer and bone cancer and prostate cancer and a very very bad heart and when that happend we thought that we were gonna loose my momma cause she so missed him and misses him more ever day and she has had 4 major surgery in less than a month the only one she wants is her daddy and we all know we cant get him to her so were trying to get her 2 sencondm fav. love of the band REO speed wagon I am so looking forward to hearing from you, Brittany Ellen'Lea Dandron and Family PLease call any of us at any time please and thank HER MOTTO IS LIVING WITH THE RIBBON AND SHE WILL ALWAYS KEEP SINGING KEEP ON LOVEN YOU RECEIVED FROM REO SPEEDWAGON MANAGER...... Dan Vincent 3:40 PM (15 hours ago) to me This is Dan Vincent with E.R.G. from Las Vegas Nv. I see you made an Inquiry... Along with knowing the date and location... It help's speed things along if I know your budget for the act. Thank you. Dan Vincent C/O/O E.R.G. Las Vegas, NV. #18326 Michelle Dandron 8/19/2013    REO Speedwagon September 21 2013 Other ? attendees expected. We need this to be free! Please sign and we will send it along to the band.....


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