Renovate the basketball courts at the Youth Activity Center in Claremont, CA

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The mission of the Youth Activity Center (YAC) is to enhance the quality of the youth by providing and maintaining the richness and diversity of an environmentally sensitive, safe and available system that fulfills the physical, intellectual, mental, social, cultural and leisure needs of all youth.

The goal of the Youth Activity Center (YAC) program is to foster the optimal development of teenagers in Claremont through positive social activities and recreation. Respecting and honoring their unique identities is central to creating an inclusive environment for teens to grow and develop. What makes our program significant is the fact that we represent the real life context of Claremont teens and we draw directly from their community, developmental abilities and experiences. We recognize the importance of supporting all teens in their academic pursuits and social settings, as well as ensuring the well being of each youth in a safe and healthy environment.





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