Renew Witches of East End

274,316 Signatures Goal: 300,000

I am writing this petition today to encourage those who run the lifetime television program Witches of East End to renew the show. The show is greatly missed and attracted so many viewers of all ages.

Witches of East End had the attention and interest of each and every one of its fans right until the last episode. When the announcement of it's cancellation came to light it just about ripped out the hearts of every WoEE fan the show reeled in. Myself, the creator, and the fans of this amazing television series are asking that you please take into deep consideration, this petition's request.

This show had brilliant actors and actresses, fantastic storylines that left us seating on the edge of our seat in anticipation and a wonderful energy to the show in general. All of this was lost.. if we don't pull together and show our support for this outstanding television show, this movie will never be made!

Please join me and fellow fans in showing your support, love and loyalty to Witches of East End! Please sign the petition and copy and share the link to spread the love along with the hashtag #RenewWitchesOfEastEnd

Yours in true WitchEEness!

Kathryn E. Perry
Sole Creator of The Petition

Twitter: @BabiiBubblez22



September 4
Hi WitchEEs!!! I know I have not updated in a year but you know what I have had enough of a break to know that we can't just give up! We love WoEE right? We were devistated when it got cancelled right?! Then for heavens sake let's fight for it! If The X-Files can get renewed after all these years. All it took was for fans to want it bad enough and now after a trial run it was successful. We need to stand up and really fight back! #MissionRenewWoEEArmy!!!!
July 27
I have decided to up the petition to 200k! You guys rock. Look up hash tag #renewwitchesofeastend for more information.
July 21
Thank you so much for all the support!!! The petition is breaching 180K for signatures so I decided to upgrade to 190k.
July 18
We are now at 172,280 signatures!!!! My next update will be at our next goal....180,000
April 27
Wow we are now at 133,926 signatures! 7 months ago when I created Renew Witches of East End I did not imagine my petition becoming the success that is has become. I am so very grateful for all of you who help me day in and day out make it better than the day before. *kisses*
February 26
an outstanding 122,948 signatures!!!
January 25
107,559 signatures!!!!!
November 13
65,848 signatures!!!!!! I cant believe this! You guys are blowing my mind!!! Keep going #witchEEs!!! this is outstanding!!!
November 12
61,694 signatures!!!! #WitchEEs you are toally blowing me away!!! thanks for all the support! Keeeeep goin! y'all are doing fantastic!
November 8
we are now at a whopping 32,754 signatures! thank you for all who signed this petition. We can do this! We will fight and not back down!
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