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Renda Writer Wants to Perform on The Ellen Degeneres Show

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We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all have a story....... This is mine.....

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THE 2nd Annual Ellen Art Show
is coming to the LA area in January
*curated, produced, and hosted by Renda Writer

Renda Writer is a poet with 12 years of experience writing, recording, and performing his original poetry.  Ever since 2007 he has been in passionate pursuit of one really big goal, which is to perform his original poem,
"Half Hearted" on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

The goal is so big, that it is a dream.

Big dreams are achieved step by step, by setting and reaching smaller goals.
The big dream of performing "Half Hearted" on The Ellen Degeneres Show will be reached soon, because some several smaller goals have been reached, including the goal of appearing and performing on a local NBC affiliate station.....  

Renda Writer performed "Half Hearted" on NBC 6 Miami,
on the show, "South Florida Today."

Before the performance, he was interviewed by Roxanne Vargas, who has interviewed Ellen Degeneres several times.
See the clip here:
He was interviewed about
"The 1st Annual Ellen Art Show,"
which took place on January 22nd, 2011 at GAB Studio in Miami.

30 Portraits of Ellen Degeneres were on display at the event, and 10 of them were auctioned off. Money raised from the auction was used to buy a plane ticket to LA for Renda.  He flew out there to give her a birthday present.

Here is the present:
(A scrapbook containing 30 portraits of Ellen Degeneres, painted by 30 South Florida artists for "The 1st Annual Ellen Art Show," organized by Renda as a way to celebrate Ellen's birthday, unite the art community, and bring positive attention to his goal.)

About the poem,
"Half Hearted"

 "Half Hearted" was written shortyly after 9/11, in Central Park, as an ode to the beautiful swans found in the par., It draws a poetic metaphor between thier half-heart-shaped bodies and the universal, and sometimes unfulfilled, search for love and romance that we all experience.  It also brings attention to the natural romance that exists in nature, and emphasizes the beauty of New York, which shines through even after such an awful tragedy like 9/11.  Ten years later, when asked why Renda has chosen this poem out of the 40+ poems in his performance repertoire, he says... 

"I think the world needs a love poem...
now more than ever before."



- Clip of me performing "Half Hearted" & telling the story about how I want to perform it on The Ellen Degeneres Show   
- Clip of me performing "Half Hearted" on NBC 6 Miami, on the show, "South Florida Today"   
- My online petition, with almost 1,000 signatures from people who support my dream and have said very positive things about me   
- Miami New Times article   
- Broward/Palm Beach New Times article #1  
- Broward/Palm Beach New Times article #2  
- Snapshot of the FRONT PAGE of, with link to New Times article #2
(9th bullet point down in News section)!/photo.php?fbid=10150093046965682&set=a.446257185681.225755.574330681   
- Broward/Palm Beach New Times article #3 
- City Link article  
- ENV Magazine "The Ellen Art Show" listing  
- Collection of videos of people talking about how they support my dream     
- mention of "The Ellen Art Show"   
- Mention of "The Ellen Art Show" and my scrapbook gift by blogger, Carol Ann Conover   
- South Florida Gay News article about "The Ellen Art Show"    
- Picture of me, holding a portrait of Ellen Degeneres, by artist Lori Pratico (, on the set of NBC 6 Miami's "South Florida Today"

Video footage of Renda Writer performing "Half Hearted," plus other videos & vlogs:

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