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Petition to Remove SupaFruit from Hallpass

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To: SupaFruit --CAUTION, THERE ARE SWEAR WORDS.-- This is a petition to get SupaFruit, or "Fruit" off of the fine Hallpass forums. Let\'s think for a minute now; what has Fruit done to not be liked on these forums, by the majority of it\'s regular members Let us count the reasons. 1. He is a faggot. 2. He does not contribute to the forums. 3. His grammar sucks. 4. He is not a very likable person. Now these are very good reasons for the people of Hallpass to dislike him. In a public forum, a member should usually be a nice person, with great grammar, who would normally contribute to the forums in some way. Pollo had this to say: "He\'s incompetent, ignorant to everything/everyone, hypocritical, moronic, a liar, makes false promises, made me want to petition to bring back corporal punishment, caused people to break the "No flaming in NSH" rule, he burned down our houses and raped our women, except me, and he stole my baby." Still not convinced the people of Hallpass hate this person Statistics show that 83% of the forum was much happier before SupaFruit came, even with the n00bs present in that time frame. He even made some members suicidal, bringing down the number of active members present in the forums. The case has gotten so bad, that he has developed a group of followers that act almost as badly as him. This has greatly brought down forum activity and productivity. Matt had this to say: "We hate Supafruit because he doesn\'t know what he\'s talking about half the time, get\'s into arguments, and then digs himself a hole by not making any sense and trying to sound smart." Sounding smart is obviously not something valuable in a personality, especially the \'sounding\' part. An intelligent person is always a valuable member. He does often get into arguments, making his less and less likable by the second. Making no sense whatsoever does not help his arguments much at all. This member has been banned multiple times. Why is this Because he does not understand the rules. By not following the rules, he has endangered his time on the forum substantially. By not being around some times, arguing pointlessly, being an overall idiot and faggot, he has well deserved the hatred he receives on the forums. To end the petition off with a bang, here\'s a statement direct from KalashnikoV himself: "Bitch be all fucking up in my shit if you know what I mean." Should Fruitman be allowed to remain on this forum Should he have the freedom to frolic among with the wonderful members of the Hallpass Forum You be the judge. PS: Pollo hates Rockgabriel and Thingey. I for one agree with her reasons in hating them. If they do not smarten up and stop shitting all over threads, this petition will become about them too.


This petition is sponsored by the fine people of the Hallpass forums, whose website is http://www.forum.hallpass.com . The link to this petition is http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/removesf .


http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/removesf http://www.forum.hallpass.com
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