Attention Tuck: Remove Peter Darbee from Board of Overseers

Amy Madsen
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The following Tuck and Dartmouth Alumni call on Dean Paul Danos to remove Peter Darbee, retiring CEO of PG&E, from the Board of Overseers.

We believe, as described by California and national newspapers and consumer rights groups, that Peter Darbee's "hubris and mismanagement," "arrogance," and "plenty of indications of failed leadership," including being named one of the 3 worst energy CEOS AND his former company's "self-inflicted wounds," "appalling abuse of the [California] initiative process," and "unspeakable tragedy" that killed 8 people and destroyed a neighborhood tarnishes the reputation of Tuck and Dartmouth.

PG&E has "completely failed the public trust" and "In terms of a business essential - treating the customer well - he's [Darbee's] failed abysmally."

The issues - under Darbee's leadership - include PG&E (the following points come from newspaper articles - see "blog" tab above for references):

1) Attempting (and failing) to alter the California constitution using $46 million to try to stymie competition
2) Breaking agreements and requirements made with the California legislature
3) Raising rates to fix pipelines that weren't fixed (despite gas leak rates above the national average), resulting in 8 fiery deaths and neighborhood destruction
4) Paying out millions in executive bonuses all the while
5) Letting PG&E San Bruno fire survivors face insurance coverage struggles
6) Failing to comply with regulators' requests for critical gas pipeline safety records, including taking liberties with the truth
7) Ignoring complaints of overcharging due to defective smart meters, leading utilities commission to force PG&E to offer customers other option
8) Overseeing culture that OKs employees assuming false identities and spying on groups opposed to PG&E policies
9) Retiring Darbee with a $35 million golden parachute
10) Expecting rate payers to cover approximately $9 million of that - Governor Brown objecting

We ask Tuck and Dartmouth alumni:

Are Darbee's business strategies ones that Tuck would teach students?
Does Tuck approve of Darbee's methods of increasing profits?
Is Darbee the type of executive Tuck and Dartmouth should be showcasing?

The undersigned tell Tuck and Dartmouth NO.

The words in quotes above come from newspaper articles, editorials, and consumer rights groups. See blog tab above for links to quotes and articles referencing all the points above.

Please email sponsor (see link above at right) for petition password, which ensures only alumni sign this public domain petition.


Amy Madsen, Facebook Manager, Californians Against Corporate Funded Propositions, Tuck 96. Tuck/Dartmouth alumni - please email for petition password (this ensures only alumni sign this public domain petition).





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