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Remove K****** Land*** from BTK Task Force

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As a member of the Wichita Community, it has become clear through media reports and reports from witnesses involved in the BTK serial murder case, that Lt. K****** Land**** has not been effective in working on this case. He has refused to keep the victim\'s families updated on the progress or lack thereof in the on-going murder case. He has refused to interview witnesses that were and are pertinent and even VITAL to the case. He has refused to release information in the form of communications from the killer to the public. It has been pr oven in the past that doing so has helped capture elusive killers in the past. Although other investigators in different cities have been successful in solving and prosecuting murder cases where there was NO forensic evidence, NO witnesses, NO communications from the killer, and even NO body! Land**** has all of those tools at his disposal, and has had them for 30 years. The crimes are not even CLOSE to being solved. Instead, he is costing taxpayers huge amounts of money on his \"SHOT IN THE DARK SWAB-A-THON\". He stays busy with our money but never gets anything done. We demand his removal from the BTK case by January 1, 2005. We demand a NEW investigator be put in the lead position of the task force. NOT any of the other task force members. We demand answers from Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams as to why the task force has not been updated or turned over to more competent investigators, especially with the re-emergence of the killer\'s communications. WHY, MR. WILLIAMS, ARE YOU ALLOWING OUR COMMUNITY TO BE TERRORIZED BY A CRIMINAL WHO HAS HANDED YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT EVERYTHING BUT HIS NAME SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND BIRTH DATE WHY IS THERE SUCH AN OBVIOUS COVER-UP IN THIS CASE Show good faith to the people of Wichita by removing K****** Land**** from the case. This petition will be sent to Chief Norman Williams, Lt. K****** Land****, The Wichita Eagle, all local media and national media including Fox News, Court TV and America\'s Most Wanted.


This petition has been created due to the demand from citizen\'s of Wichita, Kansas as well as other concerned individuals from around the WORLD, that LT. K****** Land****, lead investigator in the serial murder case known as the BTK Strangler, be removed from the case. There is evidence from media reports and eye witness reports that Lt. Land**** is not properly investigating the case. Also, he is spending taxpayer\'s dollars on swabbing thousands of people trying to eliminate them as suspects in the case.


http://www.catchbtk.com http://www.kansas.com http://www.johndouglasmindhunter.com
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