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Today, I am creating this petition as a matter of fact that I believe that "Winter Storm", moderator of and the "Hammock" cloud, is ill-fit and incapable of being a moderator, by disobeying the websites laws/rules of being generally nice to other users, and being fair, as a moderator of the website's laws/rules. I will be very frank about this.

To start off, please look at this anonymous chat -

In agreement, I am not allowed to expose the names of those conversing in that chat.

Now, I know that this won't be enough to convince you to sign. That is okay, because I got many more.

A fact is that, Winter Storm has banned me for two days before, due to emotional issues. There was no warnings given, I DID apologize for accidentally angering him, but sadly, he banned me. And the most shocking thing is, he keeps the emotional part a secret. How do I know that Winter Storm is the one that banned me? He was the only mod active at that time. All other mods have publicly announced that they will be "gaming" for awhile.

He has also, repeatedly, break certain rules of the Hammock cloud, such as "No RP (roleplay)", "Minimal Swearing" and "Don't Start Drama". I have seen, with my very own pair of eyes, that Winter Storm has caused other users to start drama by "shaming", "offending" (in a more formal way) and "guilting". According to the TnC (Terms and Conditions), no one, even moderators, are to, in an extend, rudely accuse and insult other users. Why Winter Storm has not been warn publicly is the theoretical fact that he imposes fear in the many users, to not act against him, by this method of "Shame and Offend".

He can enforce the rules, yes, but he has also been TOO strict about them many times, to the point that his prosecution is invalid. Yet, users do not want to act, because of the imposing fear of being "Shamed and Offended". The above link is about one user who has admitted that, Winter Storm, has also used the very same method.

Winter Storm uses "Guilt" as a weapon, and such, should not be allowed to be used as a moderator. Logically, the more reasonable weapons would be "compromise" and "counsel" with the other mods, before deciding on the action to be done. Take note that I am not forcefully telling the website owners and moderators on what to do. This is my counsel to you. You do not need to listen to this counsel if you do not want to. But I hope you can consider.

Of course, that also would not be enough to convince you, as a lot of netizens would like to see screencaps/screenshots of the events. But I do know that there are at least close to twenty users who has been offended and angered by him. And if any of those users are here, they would agree. In agreement, the names of these users will be kept confidential. And to those users, if you are reading this, I ENCOURAGE you, to FIGHT that fear, and sign this petition, not to shame him, but to be lawful. As a side note, this petition is written NOT to shame Winter Storm, but it is to bring awareness to the bustling community of

The links above have been supplied to me by an anonymous.

Please sign, if you would/want to have Winter Storm's moderator-ship stripped.





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