Remove Tom Wheeler from the F.C.C. IMMEDIATELY

Alexandros Anapolitanos
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Tom Wheeler is the head of the United States of America’s Federal Communications Commission and a former lobbyist of the telecommunications industry. As the situation is today, the 17th of July, 2014 he seems willing and set to create a dangerous international legal precedence that will threat the principle of net neutrality globally and the democratic fiber of the whole western world. We can not let that happen. These are rights that deserve to be safe-guarded by all nations and citizens of Europe, Canada and the U.S. and at this point, a petition for his IMMEDIATE removal seems very fitting.

Enough is enough. He is clearly the wrong person for the job and he should be removed immediately before he does any substantial damage to our global future potential. No reasonable deals with greedy telcos and suspicious rhetoric from an ex-lobbyist. If Federal Courts have a different view, let the matter go all the way up to the Supreme Court. This is THE issue of our time. No compromises. Get him fired and let us put in his place a fighter for the cause of net neutrality.

Read the following articles to have a better view of the situation and then sign the petition. Disclaimer: these following articles have been my sole source of information on the matter. If I am wrong on what I am saying, blame the NY Times, not me.