Coleridge Way Smelly Plants

Nathan  Servi
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Dear fellow Coleridge Way residents,

We have been living in Colerdige way for three years now. In this time, we have complained to the managing agents (Carringtons Residential Management Limited) about the issues surrounding the hedges around some of your properties.

- The bushes are infested by a beetle which has caused for all the leaves to be eaten and damaged – this is visually unattractive and obviously influences the value of your property.

- The bushes are terribly smelly. This is especially obvious in the humid weather and when the plants are freshly pruned. At times residents have attributed this to drainage issues, however, it is mostly due to the plants.

We have notified Carringtons on a number of occasions in the last three years with no avail; they offered to inspect and spray the bushes but – assuming this has taken place – there has been no noticeable difference. They have also suggested asking for a quote for a replacement of the plants, but we are yet to hear everything on the matter.

We strongly believe that this does not influence only us, so if you wish to sign a Petition to request the replacement of the plants around the property, please do so here below.

Thank you,




  • 3 years ago
    Nathan Servi
    3 years ago