Remove 'Seven Sharp' from New Zealand television

Marcus Logan
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In a step to preserve ever-decreasing journalistic integrity and re-establish the role of the media in this country, it is in the people of New Zealand's best interests if Seven Sharp is taken off air. The blatant coy to attract viewers and advertiser money is blatant, and insulting to the general public. By incorporating "funny" banter between anchors and light-hearted "entertaining" stories, they are ridiculing the role of media/news/current affairs which is to inform the people. If New Zealand wants to participate in the dumbing down of the population, then Seven Sharp is the right way to go about this. One of the hosts is a comedian for Christ's sake! What right does a comedian have in broadcasting the news and conveying his opinion to the masses? 

In order for society to function, we need information. There is enough entertainment on the television, people can go elsewhere for that. But the seven o'clock time-slot is historically for critical news stories and current affairs topics, I feel that Seven Sharp is a large step in the wrong direction for this country and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.





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