Remove Random Gold

Trevor Ogata
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This is a petition for the support of removing the "random gold" that players receive in public Dota 2 Matches when they use the "random" feature.

Everyone knows this brings the quality of games down immensely. Players that use this function are poor players who ruin games 90% of the time.

Garbage players will purposely choose the random function and not repick heroes even if they have no idea how to skill or utilize them just for the sake of having a bit of extra gold at the beginning of the game.

This leads to players ruining games by feeding and disrupting team play (or not having any to begin with).

By removing the random gold bonus, we will help improve the Dota 2 community as a whole.

Just sign your name and make your voice heard if you happen to agree. Enough support and maybe Valve will finally take some action.



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