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Remove Psilocybin from Schedule I

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This petition is to reclassify Psilocybin with the DEA of the United States of America, including removing it completely from Schedule I. This removal is prompted by us (The People of This Petition) due to overwhelming scientific data and research that supports the reclassification of Psilocybin. We would first identify that the system the DEA schedules drugs is based on how addictive the drugs are and, as of now, Psilocybin is right behind Heroin on Schedule I. We have found this to be a poor classification for several reasons:

First, due to how rapidly the body creates a tolerance and assimilates the toxins it is not probable to become addicted to Psilocybin. Second, (per scientific experimentation) it would take 1690 grams of dry Psilocybin to kill a rat weighing in at around 6-8 ounces. With this same formula, for an adult of 180 pounds it would require the consumption of over five-hundred pounds of dried Psilocybin mushrooms to reach the LD50 (Lethal Dose) and it is physically impossible to consume that much in one sitting. Third, we will address the molecular organization of Serotonin (C10H12N2O), a neurotransmitter produced naturally in our bodies every day that affects nearly all of the 40 million brain cells in the average human being. This compound shares uncanny similarties to Psilocin (C12H16N2O), the "active" chemical released from the natural bodily digestion of Psilocybin. This molecular compound is only 6 atoms (two Carbon, four Hydrogen, both very abundant compounds found on Earth and throughout the universe) different from being identical to Serotonin. *This would be somewhat like having twins but because one had brown hair instead of blonde and green eyes instead of blue that twin would be disowned and banished from the family.*

Serotonin production in our bodies is responsible for sleep, mood and appetite regulation and is attributed to feelings of well-being and happiness. It is fair then to surmise that the effects of Psilocin, due to the molecular similarities to Serotonin, would to some degree mirror the effects of Serotonin and these effects are highly beneficial and supportive of the biochemical and neurochemical functionality in the human body. We feel this compound has been severely misunderstood by the DEA as a whole and we feel that we the people deserve the opportunity to extend funding and clinical trials to discover the latent capabilities that Psilocybin may host. Thus far, this petition has covered strictly the scientific and biochemical/neurochemical benefits of reclassification for Psilocybin but we would also like to discuss the emotional, mental and some may even say spiritual effects of this compound as well as the known history and applications.

For over 70,000 years shamans of ancient cultures have depicted ceremonial mushroom use and reverence and such history can be found in the rock art drawings of the Tassili-n-Ajjer of Southern Algeria, Africa. Mushroom culture has been a part of human development potentially since the times of our proto-hominid predecessors. This fungus, specifically Psilocybin fruit bodies, have etched themselves into the tapestries of countless cultures across the world from the rainy forests of the Amazon to the sun-scarred deserts of Southern Mexico. These mushrooms are more than just a drug, they are an instrument in which to gain a greater understanding of the self and our connection to the universe. We find it a no more critical time to address than now during this time of intense climate change and drastic destruction of biological life and ecosystems on planet Earth, it must stop. Humanity is in need of a catalyst of change, something strong enough to guide even the most pseudo-skeptical perspectives, a game changer of sorts. We believe Psilocybin mushrooms have this potential and with the right guiding force behind them could very well spell the speedy recovery of our connection to nature and usher in the salvation of humanity naturally and non-destructively.

We find that no time is better than now to release these tight chains of oppression toward compounds that have been a part of our ancestry since before the conception of law and order, and thus, we believe Psilocybin deserves to remain untainted by such administrations. This mushroom grows out of the ground completely organically and we do not believe any government agency has the right to tell us what we can or cannot pick and consume, at least, not while Alcohol, Acetaminophen and Coumadin (rat poison, used as a blood thinner) are commercially available to consumers completely legally. The most reported side-effect of consuming Psilocybin mushrooms is nausea and vomiting which is a natural side-effect in the bodily process of assimilating toxins from food, not just the digestion of Psilocybin mushrooms. We feel that it is time to stop intolerance toward any potential solution or improvement for the revival and restoration of planet Earth and humanity as a whole. We must pioneer avenues of undiscovered territory to truly develop a wholesome understanding of our connection to the Universe and possible solutions to global problems that are critical to the survival and abundance of all species on Earth, including us.

The Psilocybin mushrooms act somewhat like a telescope when trying to observe the stars at great distances. You most certainly can see the stars shine with the naked eye without the use of a telescope but to see the star closer and in greater detail a telescope is necessary. This is the function of Psilocybin mushrooms and the Universe is our star, we desire to understand it more intimately and we cannot do so to such degrees of clarity without the proper tools, Psilocybin mushrooms are a tool capable of such feats. From this standpoint we propose that Psilocybin mushrooms be removed from Schedule I and permitted for use in clinical trials and further scientific experimentation. The opportunity that the gentle release of this compound may bring to the social economic structure could be exponential, and thus, proper handling of this is critical in its successes. We the people are speaking to our fellow human beings of the DEA and associated branches, we look forward to seeing this issue addressed promptly and we thank you all for taking your time in this review. -The People of This Petition

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