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Your help is needed to make Crooked Creek a safer place by banning a dangerous animal from our community. On Tuesday evening, February 4th, our family cockapoo, Hazel, was viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull shortly after we left our house for a walk along Creek Club Drive towards the lake. We were on the sidewalk, passing by the owners' house on Creek Club Drive when their garage door opened and their dog charged toward us and violently seized our dog by the snout, clamping down in a forceful bite from its powerful jaw for several minutes. Despite efforts made by three adults to force the pit bull off our helpless Hazel, it refused for some time to release our dog. Kicking, choking and smacking the dog was useless once she had zoned in on her prey. During this horrific event our cockapoo went limp and we had assumed the worst. After what seemed an eternity, the pit bull released our 27 pound dog and we were able to scoop her up and carry her home to safety. The screams and shouts were heard by neighbors who asked if our dog had been killed. To say the least, this was a horrific and disturbing experience, especially since all interventions by the adults to protect our dog were useless. One can't help but imagine other scenarios and outcomes if our twelve year old daughter had been the one holding the leash that evening.

We met with the owners a few days after the attack and requested that they permanently remove their pit bull from the neighborhood to ensure this type of attack would never happen again, either to another dog, or worse, to a child in the neighborhood. We shared with them that regardless of the new safety measures they intend to take, we would always live in fear that in an instant, this could happen again with a possibly fatal result. The owners promised that if and when their dog returned home they would only take it out wearing the electric fence shock collar and leash and would supervise and restrict its outings to the backyard. The owners also said they would walk their two large dogs during "off hours" to avoid the majority of neighbors and their pets out for a walk, and would limit these walks to the golf course or Wills Park. We shared with them that we don't believe these precautions are sufficient in ensuring the safety of our families and our beloved pets.

Unfortunately, the owners are unwilling to commit to removing the threat from the neighborhood. While the dog is in the custody of friends in Alabama, they have taken measures to repair their electric fence and have promised to be extra careful in the future.

We find this position unacceptable for several reasons:

1. We've already seen what their pit bull will do and the inability of the owners to stop their own pit bull from inflicting damage. They are not physically able to prevent their dog from pursuing or releasing her "prey' once she decides to attack. According to the owner, pit bulls naturally view all small animals as prey and it is up her and her husband to keep her dog from carrying out on this instinct.

2. People are only human and we all make mistakes. Despite promises to follow the practice of using the shock collar and leash, we are afraid human error may result in neglecting to use the leash and shock collar and the dog may attack or even kill another helpless family pet.

3. Although the owners showed great pity and resolve by taking in a rescue-dog that was neglected and abused, they cannot guarantee the safety of our neighborhood pets in the presence of their dog. They shared with us that the dog was kicked and beaten by a drug dealer in Buckhead, left in a cage in the basement for days, and received no or no socialization with other dogs. As a result of her confinement during her first two formative years her rear legs never developed properly. While we sympathize with the horrible situation this dog endured and we respect our neighbors for rescuing the dog, we fear that the dog's abusive past could contribute to unpredictable, and potentially violent behavior.

Please take a stand with us to prevent this pit bull from returning to the neighborhood. Although we empathize with this couple and their desire to bring their pit bull home, we believe her return to our street will jeopardize the safety and peace of mind of our neighbors and their pets.

For further information on the danger of specific breeds prone to attack, check out http://www.dogsbite.org/dangerous-dogs.php

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