Remove Paedophilia promoting pages from Facebook

Adrian Kingsnorth
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To whom it may concern:

I was recently made aware of a page on Facebook, I believe it is being used to culture a child pornography ring. It shows a high number of pictures of very young children of both sexes.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I and my friends have all reported the page to Facebook, however Facebook seem resistant to our requests that the page, and others similar to it should be removed. They don't see a problem, I know that over 50 people have already reported this page and various pictures on the page to Facebook . Facebook are happy that this page is fine as it is, and are now ignoring our complaints.

I am writing to you as a last hope of drawing more attention to the issue of people viewing and promoting child pornography and paedophilia under our noses.

These are real children, and they are being abused, and there is a growing community that is behind it. Something needs to be done to send a message to both, these people and Facebook that this behaviour is not acceptable.

This is the main page, but from her it is easy to find more that are similar:


Please sign to add your name to the cause, and together we can purge this filth from this family online forum.





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