Remove Meghan Patone as Team Lead

Jessica Stevens
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Great Team Leaders are supposed to guide, mentor and inspire their wards effectively, efficiently, effortlessly and with effervescence. With the team lead that we have in place, we feel we do not get this. Meghan has not displayed acts of positive commitment with us. Majority of the time we ask her questions directly related to information she being a team lead should know, she doesn't have the answers. She has lack of conviction and is very condescending, and often more rude than not to us. She can give direction to what we do wrong, but does not direct on how to correct the actions. She does not show encouragement to her team. Most importantly when we go to her for help she can not provide that to us. Technically issues leave her frazzled and we feel she is not capable of handling the stress of her position.  She rarely has a positive attitude, and with customer service we feel that is necessary for team leads to be positive and show that spirit. We no longer feel that she is suited for the position. We are asking that she be removed from her duty as team lead. 




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