Remove Houston and Henry counties DA Douglas Valeska

Johnnie Green
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Fairness and justice are not been served according to the law of the land by our DA here in Houston and Henry counties. It is his law and feel as if no one can do anything about it. Houston and Henry counties are only about 25% Blacks but the punishment are more server than the Whites. During this year along, three cases were more in favor for justice of the law against the one that violate them (which were Whites). Two law enforcement and one hit and run by a teenage White boy (age 17). DA Valeska claim he would prosecute them upon the grand jury but each time those jurier claim they didn't find proper cause. Those jurier no Blacks were on them. I went to court once and seen only three Blacks to be selected for a jury trial but none was picked out of about 30 or 40 people. Young Blacks are afraid to be stopped because law enforcement will find something wrong with them. Which are mostly Whites. Police shot an unarmed young blackman in Dothan, Al claiming that he was trying to run over him. But he empty all the bullets from his weapon. A mential retarded person was shot in front and back by two officer when they knew when they got the call that they were deal with an unstable person. This call came from the parent of the person seeking help to calm him down. A young white teenager (age 17) hit and run over a child but didn't get arrested when evidents clearly showed the damage he did to the child by his vechile. This area not moving forward as fairness and justice to the law. Blacks are afraid to be stopped because law enforcement will find something else wrong with them. Ever sometimes, they will be set-up. I wish to help remove and clear the misused of the law. And the Federal Government to come and look at some of the past history of cases.