Remove Bolt660 from the 'Do Not Hire List' Irl!

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On the 11th Day of the 11th Month two thousand and thirteen, a member of Habbox was placed onto the do not hire list, having been fired from his 'Assistant Events Manager' and 'Competitions Staff' roles. This member of staff had stuck with Habbox through five years, calling it his 'home' and had gone through nearly ever staff/manager position possible at the site. Over his five years he had been a member of General Management- overseeing the day to day running of the community, owning he helpdesk, and managing multiple departments including News, Forum, Helpdesk and Events. He was also senior staff in other departments and saw every role as a new challenge to help make Habbox better. He held some of these roles for greater than a year, and was most notably a Forum Super Moderator for a significant length of this time over the years.

Bolt660 not only uses Habbox because he is bored and has no life, but because he genuinely cares about making Habbox a better, funner place to be and has always tried his best to fit in, make friends, help people out and do the jobs he is given in the best standard he possibly can given the circumstances and the restrictions placed.

To Bolt660, Habbox acted as a getaway from everything, not just a Hobby which he enjoyed, but he classed many at Habbox as his 'family'. He was able to feel normal and more confident thanks to Habbox and its helped him so much through many years. Since leaving the site he has felt extremely left out, demoralised and upset that he is not able to help out anymore and volunteer for something which he has grown to love.

The reasons for Bolt660's dismissal are pretty much public knowledge by now, however everyone deserves a second chance right? If you think Bolt660 should be allowed to work for Habbox again and spend countless hours of his own time every day trying to make this place the best it can be then please sign the petition below and he will be eternally thankful! x



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