Change at the Varsity Football Head Coach position

Dean Gerend
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The students, athletes, parents, and community members who sign this petition are seeking a change at the varsity head coach football position at Southern Door High School.  This change is being requested because the current head coach not making the necessary changes to make the football team more competitive in the large division of the Olympian-Packerland conference.

This petition is not meant to discount the past effort or to be a personal attack upon the current head coach.  The purpose of this petition is to show the district members displeasure with the current state of the program and the lack of leadership by the current head coach to make the football team more competitive.  The coach’s lack of changes has an adverse affect on the team’s competitiveness and the student experience. 

Petitioners are asking for an immediate coach performance review because of the following reasons.


  1. The team’s lack of competitiveness in the last five plus years. Inability of recruit and retain qualified assistant coaches.
  2. Lack of proper fundamentals taught at every position and creating a non safe atmosphere by not enforcing the proper fundamentals.  
  3. Offensive and defense schemes not matching the talents of the school’s student athletes.
  4.  Predictable play calling.