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Remember the Chipmunks

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(please note: even if it asks for a donation, you DON'T have to make a donation for your signature to count, that's just an thing) Dear Chip-fans, I know many of you are so excited with the live-action movie that just came out and that they have a sequel set up to come out this Christmas, but Ross himself said that it was aimed at the 80s fans (the ones that are now in their twenties). What I�m trying to call for is for us to let him know that he can modernize the chipmunks without losing who they are. He did it once before, modernizing the Chipmunks his father created. Why is it now that they have to lose their original personalities How many of you remember the Chipmunk Adventure Any real fan does, just like we all remember The Chipmunks go to the Movies (the final season from the series) and the two monster movies, the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein and the Chipmunks meet the Wolfman, that came out during their contract with Universal. Now the cartoon Chipmunks are free from their contract with Universal, and they don't deserve to be kept anywhere near the black hole that sucked them up eight years ago. They deserve to be back in the spotlight that they earned before being sucked into that black hole that seems to be eating all our quality cartoons these days. Ross and Janice have the power to save our 2D world, but we have to let them know that we want them to. When Ross signed a contract with Universal, they promised movies and episodes and a theme park even. All we've gotten since that contract is two monster movies, one pre-school movie (Alvin and the Mini-Munks), and one live-action movie. Many of us wish to see more of the old Chipmunks. The cartoon ones. And I'm not talking the Chipmunks and Chipettes we saw in Wolfman. I'm talking about the Chipmunks we saw in the series and in the wonderful movie (one good enough to make it into theaters), The Chipmunk Adventure. Don't get me wrong, the live-action movie was fine, but they weren't the same. They weren�t even modernized versions of the Chipmunks. They were different characters altogether. When we saw the Chipmunks last, their lesson was gone. For example, Simon was always the smart and responsible and resourceful one, yet last we saw of him he was growling at a hot maid. Let Ross Jr. know that we loved the Chipmunks he created for us in the 80s and that they are the ones we want to see more of. Sure, modern is alright, but don't go so far with it that you conflict with who they are. Like us, characters from TV shows are individuals and have their own personalities. They just need someone else to create it for them. Someone already did for these guys. Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. They were who they were from 1958 up until the 90s, and the Chipettes were the same until the Wolfman movie came out. Let's respect our cartoons as the art they are, as what Ross Sr. made them to be. Modernize, but don�t lose character (they�ve managed to do it before!). Please, show the world that we miss them, and that these new live-action chipmunks (the kind that draw butts on Dave�s stuff and disrespect women and all the other differences in personality from our beloved cartoon Chipmunks) just aren�t the same. We want quality back. As Janice said: " be able to create stories that young, malleable minds were watching and perhaps you could impart good messages that could maybe get through to kids watching the show." Sincerely, Cam Flynn


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